I started on a Traineeship at Haworth RDA in June 2014 and work 3 days a week there.  I'm doing Level 1 in Horse Care and really enjoy learning more about horses.  I also enjoy meeting the riders and other volunteers.  It's really good working with horses when it's your hobby as well.  Tanya Chatwin


As a parent of 3 children, 2 of which have a diagnosis of Autism and 1 going through diagnosis I can’t thank Haworth RDA enough for all their support. The boys have been able to ride every week now for several years which has really brought them on. Their confidence is amazing around the horses and they are able to just be themselves without being judged by the outside world which is very cruel when you have a disability you can’t see. My youngest son has been able to ride in the Special Olympics which made him so proud and confident, something we thought he would never be able to do but with the guidance and support of the RDA staff and volunteers they made an impossible opportunity, possible! 

It is really lovely to see my children smile with enjoyment around the stables and we all look forward to this session every week. Thank you Haworth RDA. Adele


Since discovering the existence of Haworth RDA, our ( mum and dad ) and 14 year old daughters lives have changed significantly. We now make the one and a half hour each way journey 3 times a week - its that good! We tried a more local RDA but found them not to be as kind, patient and thoughtful as the Haworth group. After a shaky start with our daughter being reluctant to even sit on a horse, the staff continued each week trying various methods that they thought might work until it no longer became an issue. She is given lots of praise and encouragement and has gradually blossomed and become more confident. Her riding progress and involvement in the Special Olympics competitions, winning awards and rosettes, has made us and her so proud of her achievements. She is thrilled to take them into school and show them to family and friends. The after school and holiday clubs are also great and we would attend more if we did not live so far away. They give our daughter a social life outside of school that she does not otherwise have. Any concerns or hesitations we have are answered quickly and we know that she is safe and well looked after in our absence. Haworth RDA has been brilliant and in the main this is due to the hard work of management and staff. This is a much needed facility and we hope they continue their excellent work for many years to come. Sue & Terry Sharples


My son is 10yrs old and has Asperger’s syndrome. He joined Haworth rda 2 years ago initially having a lesson every 2 weeks, it quickly became apparent that he relaxes around horses in a caring way that he doesn’t anywhere else. He progressed to private lessons weekly and progressed to riding independently and is looking forward to entering competitions for the first time this year. His love of horses and pride in his achievements have also affected his school work where he has enthusiastically set his own projects around horses and horse care. He is interested in becoming a farrier when he leaves school. Helen Joliffe


James enjoys his lessons and loves new things and words, I feel riding is excellent  for his balance and muscle tone also the hoist is such a highlight for him too he loves it. Sue Monroe (parent)


Building relationships outside the home setting with both other adults and animals. Enjoyment, fun, anticipation, helps to maintain his health and fitness, encourages, conversation  outside of lessons and talking about the activity and people/horses involved. James Monroes support worker


David enjoys horse riding very much, he loves horses and the experience at Haworth RDA. Rough Nook Home


As a volunteer with the Haworth RDA I have always felt the help was valued both by staff, other volunteers and riders/carers. Many friendships have been made and various social activities, organised by the RDA, enjoyed. The most rewarding part is seeing the enjoyment, confidence and improved balance which the riders gain from riding and interacting with the ponies. Vivienne




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