Our Horses

Polo has been with us for many years and owned by Jackie Butterfield [Yard Manager] she doesn't attend competitions but is used by our tallest riders and highest level riders to experience how different types of build ride differently.
Dancer Belongs to the group's assistant yard manager & head coach Laura. She is a beautiful Hanoverian mare out of Rubenstein lines and very proficient dressage horse. She is the princess of the yard, disliking getting dirty Laura and Dancer currently compete up to elementary level and have a few wins under there belts. Furthermore is used by many of our top-level riders to practice for events.
Chief is a ​15.2hh Bay Gelding. He was one of the first horses bought for Haworth RDA, in 2001, being half purchased by a rider Thomas Jagger who donated his 18th birthday money to the group when Chief was offered for sale. The other half being donated by the Bradford council. Cheif was born in 1993 he was used for the Special Olympics and the National Championships but he is now retired from competitions.
Captain (Captain Jack Sparrow) is a 14.2hh dales gelding. Born in 2009 he joined Haworth RDA in 2013, he has allowed us to expand and bring us home an ever-growing collection of awards and achievements, for his stunning performances.
Blue is a 17.1hh grey gelding, being an X-Hunt Masters Horse he is a sport horse. Blue belongs to Laura but is used by volunteers and used in exams, previously he was owned by Captain Mark Phillips and was to be used for BE 100 Eventing. Blue was born in Ireland and was bought from Glousteshire in 2010. Blue tends to pull faces at you when you walk past his box but is a wimp at heart and a big softie, as well as being the tallest horse on the yard.
Bonny is a 9.1hh black Shetland mare. Born in 1998, she joined the Haworth RDA team in 2007. She is a lovely pony and although she is the smallest horse on the yard she certainly won't be bullied by any of the larger horses, having a great character. Bonny is used by the youngest riders, because of her size and ease for riders, she is loved by everyone on the yard.
Ruby is a 14.3hh dark bay mare, born in 2001 joining us in 2011 she was very nappy in the beginning but now is a true RDA pony well-loved by all. She is used for everything from lessons to national level competitions and is an all-round joy to ride and compete with.
Wispa is a 13hh skewbald mare.

Wispa was gifted to us by a close friend in December 2015, she is very active in lessons and has a wonderful character, as well as being able to perform small jumps at a very high standard.

During competitions, she is pure bliss not causing any fuss and performing well.
Beauty is a 12hh grey mare, born in 2001 she joined the Haworth RDA group in 2009. She is used for stable management lessons and clubs where she is pampered and loves attention. Yet because of issues with spooking we are unable to use her in lessons.
Bella is a recent addition to our family at the stables and she is great to ride in lessons providing great experiences to all that ride her, becoming one of many loved horses at the stables.
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