Memory page

this page is dedicated to our riders and staff plus our beloved horses who have passed away  our horses served the group and gave much happiness to children and adults while being homed here,

Steven Bellerby staff member

Sue --Volunteer



BaBy girl (name confidentaL )

David -Appleby-rider

Ian Barrett-musical film maker

Ian Morton--volunteer

Sheila Morton--volunteer

Ann Bentley --rider

Bessie with us for  14yrs

Jake       "            "    8yrs

Shoni      "          "     9yrs

Jimmy     "         "     10yrs

Tym    "         "          20yrs

Molly       "          "    12yrs

a memory garden is to be created in their memory

saddly missed but never ever forgotton

   dogs --Kelly, lady, Logan,

  cats--Felix, Tabatha,

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