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All our horses are stabled year round on site , they are  turned out each day weather permitting, either in the field or in the indoor school for a roll and social interaction with each other and are cared for by our stable staff and numerous volunteers. They have each been carefully selected for their temperament and personality and for their weight bearing attributes, each horse or pony is a member of a large family and intergrate well. All have their teeth checked every 6/12 months, all are checked every 6/7 weeks with our farrier Robert Taylor, our vet is Hirds of Halifax.

Wispa Gold

Whispa is a 13hh skewbald mare. She is the newest recruit to Haworth RDA after being gifted to us by a close friend in december 2015. Whispa has settled in really well and is going to be a great asset to the group.

Whispa is now used in the lessons and is a great assest due to her size and ability to jump small fences..


Polo is a 15.3hh bay mare belonging to Jackie. Polo is used in the school for volunteers. She is used for exams and is very popular on the yard with everyone. Polo is used for the most able rda riders. Previousely been a show jumper so she will be used for show jumping with RDA riders.


Gypsy is a 14.1hh dark bay mare. Born in 1987, she has lived at Haworth RDA for over 15 years. Gypsy was the first pony we started the group with, she has cushings and is managed with prescription precend for the last 5 years. Gypsy helps with both ridden and stable management lessons.

Gypsy is a beautifully natured pony, she has given hundreds of lessons to disabled children and small adults. Gypsy is not fazed by anything, an asset in any yard.


Beauty is a 12hh grey mare. Born in 2001 and joined the Haworth RDA group in 2009. Beauty is used for exams  and training volunteers she is also used for grooming in stables managment lessons


Chief is a ​15.2hh Bay Gelding. He was one of the first horses bought for Haworth RDA, in 2001. Chief was half purchased by a rider, Thomas Jagger who donated his 18th brthday money to the group when chief was being offered for sale, the other half was donated by bradford council. Cheif was born in 1993 and is the 2nd biggest horse on the yard.

Chief is used for the Special Olympics and the National Championships. He should perhaps have been named Mis-Chief instead of Chief! Chief likes to be noticed or he throws his head collar from outside of his stable and throws it up the yard!He dislikes ducks and trampolines but tolerates everything else. a true charactor.


Blue is a 17.1hh grey gelding, an X-Hunt Masters Horse, he is a sport horse. Blue belongs to Laura but is used by volunteers and used in exams. he was  previousely owned by Captain Mark Phillips and was to be used for BE 100 Eventing. He was born in Ireland and was bought from Glousteshire in 2010.

Blue tends to pull faces at you when you walk past his box but is a whimp at heart and a big softie. A bit like Scooby Doo!


 Ruby is a 14.3hh dark bay mare. Born in 2001 and joined the Haworth RDA in 2011. she was very nappy in the beginning but now is a true RDA pony, well loved by all. Ruby also is used for all the different disciplines and training sessions each week. She is to be used for the special olympics and RDA Nationals.

Bonny is a 9.1hh black Shetland mare. Born in 1998 and joined the Haworth RDA team in 2007. She is very noisy and althought the smallest horse on the yard she certainly won't be bullied by any of the larger horses. Bonny is used by the youngest riders and she has occasionally been asked to perform in pantomines.


What this pony lacks in size certanly makes up for in personality. A true Shetland charactor, she will talk to you all day with grunts and whines.



Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain (Captain Jack Sparrow) is a 14.2hh dales gelding. Born in 2009 and joined Haworth RDA in 2013. Despite his name he is the youngest horse on the yard . A very cheeky chap and so lovable. proving his worth as a valuable RDA horse.


Shoni is a 15.2hh chestnut mare. Born in 1998 and was bought from York in 2011. She is used mainly for the Special Olympics and RDA National qualifiers, but used each week in lessons also. Her previous owners took her to Portugal. She has bred one foal.

He does live up to his name! 2015 , now a regular member of the lessons and in training for special olympics/RDA nationals.


Dancer Belongs to the groups assistant yard manger & head coach Laura. She is a beautiful hanoverian mare out of Rubenstein lines. Dancer is a total dressage diva! She is the princess of the yard as she doesnt like getting dirty. Laura and Dancer currently compete up to elementary level and have a few wins under there belts.

 If you would like to sponcer any of these RDA  ponies or horses that belong to this group. you can donate on our giving page or contact the group 01535649448 to discuss what you would like to do, it costs over £16,300 per year just to feed and bed them down. Sponcer for £10/£15/ or £20 per year would be a great help to the group in maintaining their health and well being.  this includes a photo and a pre planned visit and updates each year of your chosen pony or horse a great gift and a great help. to us

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