Our Equipment


Our riding group is a wheelchair friendly environment. The equipment at the school is there to make the riding activities a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience.  


The following specialist equipment is availble for use by all riders:


    -  2 RDA Health and Safety (non slip) mounting blocks


    - Full non slip ramp for wheelchair users


    - 2 Electric hoist one in the indoor arena and one over the machanical horse


In addition we have:


    - a  selection of adjustable riding hats all at currant safety standards


    - Full set of show jumps and dressage markers


    - GymKhana equipment for games plus educational equipment


    - we are currantly fundrasing for a 3.5 ton horse box to take all our riders to qualifyers and special olympics qualifiers, vet trips, and to use in general.


Mechanical Horse:


Our mechanical horse arrived on 18th September 2014. The mechanical horse will enable us to give lessons to riders who find it difficult to mount, ride, weight problems, no confidence, it moves just like a real horse and the instructors can assist from the ground in a safe place to give confidence to riders. Most colleges and racing stables have these on their premises as a training tool before riders are allowed to ride the real thing. It cost a lot of money over £24000 was raised to buy this horse, who we have named “Penny“. A list of the funders will be placed inside where the horse will be housed to remind us of who made this possible.


The price per 1/2 lesson will be £13  (Subcidised to £10.00 until further notice)


Benefits from riding the horse are:

  • confidence booster, fun and enjoyable

  • increased mobility

  • fitness

  • helps nervous riders

  • improves riding position

  • progression

  • improves balance

  • bad habits rectified

  • controlled environment

  • learn new paces

  • rein control

  • applying correct aids


Note: weight limited of 16 stone.


Wooden Spoon helped Sponcer our Haworth RDA Horse Box.

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